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The WiFi Experts and our sister company ‘Anchor IT Solutions’ provide and manage all of T2M IT services and support. 

We installed and managed:

– UFB fibre internet to the door 
– All of the computers that are connected to our RMM software for remote management and support. 
– Full UniFi SDN network system and CCTV (connected to our hosted cloud controllers). 
– IT automation with our RMM system for windows update management, program deployment, and system control.
– Guest Wi-Fi network for students and parents to use. 
– Cloud hosted 3CX VoIP phone system for all sites: Sip-trunks, extensions, and digital receptionist. 
– Cat6 structured ethernet cabling to all areas of the workplace that needed connecting.

We also assisted with project managing the new office fitout. Our brilliant team of subcontractors helped with running new electrical cabling, outlets, alarm system, and lighting. 


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Kids Count – Early Childhood Centers

Kids Count reached out to us for assistance with there existing Ubiquiti UniFi Network system for there centers and to have a new system installed at there other sites that required upgrades. 

We migrated there existing UniFi sites off there Ubiquiti Cloudkey (that was causing major issues for them) to our hosted UniFi controller system. We keep all there UniFi network devices updated with the latest software/firmware updates and our remote support team is on standby if Kids Count requires support or wish to make changes to there network. 


Darren, the onsite IT guy has full access to all their sites within the hosted UniFi controller and is very happy with only having to log into one central portal to manage all there sites rather than having a separate controller per site. 


The WiFi Experts also installed full UniFI SDN networks in their other centers with the latest UniFi AC wireless access points, switches, and firewalls. 


A segregated guest network was created with a Kids Count branded captive portal for authentication. 


“Thomas from the WiFi Experts has done a wonderful job upgrading our existing wireless network. He goes above and beyond when doing the installs. Installations have gone in smoothly and on time. Since the installs, our internet speed and wireless speeds have increased and become more stable. We are so impressed with the current work that we are already looking to upgrade our other sites over the coming months.”


Darren E

Kids Count Early Childhood Centres

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The Boatshed Hotel – Waiheke Island. 

The WiFi Experts quoted and installed a full UniFi SDN networking system for The Boatshed Hotel. 

We carefully removed the existing network during a time that wouldn’t affect guests to replace with the new system. 

WiFi coverage is fantastic, along with a nice branded login splash page for the guest network. 

The Boatshed Hotel